Biodynamic Therapy in Galway

Biodynamic Integrative Psychotherapy is a humanistic oriented body based psychotherapy, which emphasizes the importance of the body and bodywork in achieving and maintaining emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well being.

1917686_1141148900807_2027062_nBiodynamic Psychotherapy is a gentle and powerful form of therapy that works to bring about healing on whatever level is needed. It follows no pre-determined course – it varies with the needs of the individual client. Part of its effectiveness lies in the emphasis on helping the clients to help themselves. It achieves this through various methods including verbal counseling, massage, vegetotherapy and imagery.

Working on different levels, it helps each person move behind their symptoms to a core place where effective changes can be made in their lives.

How can it help?
Because it is a body-based therapy, Biodynamic Psychotherapy is suitable for both physical and emotional disorders or disease. The Biodynamic Therapist has several treatment techniques at their disposal. By working with each individual according to their specific needs, it helps the person restore their natural capacity for self-regulation and self-healing, which has been lost or forgotten through neurosis.

IMG_6523Every emotion, every shock, every frustration has a direct physiological and psychological effect. When emotions are repeatedly unexpressed and conflicts unresolved, these consequences become chronic.

Stress builds up, layer upon layer, until neurotic symptoms develop, manifesting as physical or psychological symptoms. Biodynamic therapy is concerned with the organic link between the body and the psyche.

Much of it’s founding and practice comes from the work of Norwegian psychologist Gerda Boyesen as her continued development and research following her training with the Psycho-analyst Wilhelm Reich. Gerda through her own research and based on the theories of Freud, Jung and Reich, developed her own concepts and techniques to facilitate the expression of the physical manifestation of the unconscious conflicts, in other words Psychosomatic symptoms. It is based on the principle of the life force or bio-energy, which streams through us in pleasurable waves, highlighting our sense of well-being. (“Bio” means life; ”dynamic” means force) Life energy is the force that moves us, bringing us to life on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Biodynamic massage therapy uniquely addresses the problem of tissue fluids associated with overstress. The fluid factor in disease is very much part of the biodynamic philosophy and the aim is removal of fluid through therapeutic attention. When the different parts of the body are able to work in harmony through healthy pulsation of cells and tissues, all efficient systems (Digestive, Respiratory and Circulatory) affects the emotional health of the person.

Body Psychotherapy is an organic and exciting way to facilitate change through working directly with the Body.
The principle of Body Orientated Psychotherapy is that the mind and body function together in an emotional process. Stress, anxiety and traumatic experiences build up chronic physical and psychological blocks which become embodied, forming character structure. Working with chronic blocks, corresponding emotional energy can be released and changes in the Character/Body structure can take place

The initial presenting difficulty of the client is assessed in terms of the most appropriate technique needed to facilitate their symptom.

Explore and Experience

  • Relaxation
  • Breathwork
  • Massage
  • Insights into your bodymind function
  • Insights into psychosomatic symptoms and illness
  • Awareness of anxiety issues and symptoms of stress /stress disorder


Pulsatory Touch Technique
Addresses pulsation of the client on all levels.

Basic touch
It is main Biodynamic massage. Aim is to cleanse the muscle membrane of hormonal and metabolic waste.

Energy Distribution
Essentially intended to be deeply harmonizing in it’s effects on the body. Heightens the innate capacity for well-being and encourage energy charge at appropriate level.

Deep Sedative
Sedative and calming. Used to treat anxiety/shock

Aim is to give containment, safety, reassurance and a sense of boundaries.

Bio-Release, working with meeting the resistance in the body and inviting the client to let go and experience relaxation.

Breathing Constrictor
Opens Breathing, refreshing and relaxing

Increases Breathing, inviting expansion of energy.

Emptying; Inviting movement of clogged and charged tissue, inviting release, discharge, relaxation and pleasure.

Deep Draining
Aims to open up breathing and release muscle armour and rigid holding in the body.

Aim is to calm client who may be very agitated or anxious.

Aim; Emergency treatment to relieve pressure, enhance overall sense of well-being and release energy charge.