Intensive teaching in core concepts of Biodynamic Psychotherapy. Demonstrations and practice in Psychotherapeutic approaches to Psychosomatic issues. Psychotherapeutic Massage and Biodynamic Relaxation.

1490723_10206157176513555_7286538596385020477_oProfessional training in Biodynamic Psychology, Psychotherapy & Bodywork.

Students will be trained in Biodynamic theories and methods, including the Biodynamic approach to Body – Psychotherapy, Therapeutic Massage, Vegetotherapy and Reichian and neo Reichian techniques. They will be shown how to integrate them and for those already working with body techniques, how to integrate them with the methods they are currently using.

Students will work with breathing methods, neurotic postures and muscular tension and armour, plus specialized Aura techniques, all designed to facilitate regression to conflicts and traumas from different stages of a client’s life. Biodynamic methods for integrating provoked                                                                                              material will also be taught leading the client through the whole                                                                                                  emotional cycle to remembrance, understanding, reconciliation                                                                                                               and well being.

IMG_0154Therapeutic massage will be used to reduce pain, depression, fear, anxiety, stress and Psychsomatic symptoms by removing stagnant emotional energy from body and mind. Massage techniques for emptying nervous symptoms will also be taught. Students will learn when to provoke and when to eliminate symptoms.

They will also be taught how to strengthen their own psycho-peristaltic process. Techniques will be taught for eliminating strong pain that often follows deep psychotherapeutic changes. Besides deep work, emphasis will be placed on working with the here and now, the psychology of Life.

Methods of treating different kinds of personalities will be taught.

  • Clients with strong Psychosomatic symptoms
  • Clients with Hysterical symptoms
  • Clients suffering much pain and anxiety